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Welcome to EAGOTOILET.COM - Innovative designs and green technologies. Finally your toilet can look like a piece of art and be extremely reliable.. Call us with any questions or to place an order 718-314-6864

Toilets and bidet

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With EAGO - toilets are no longer just serving the functionality. Every model has a distinct design and will take its place as well designed part of interior.

EAGO toilets features:

  • Superior Glazing
  • Enlarged 3.3 inches outlet
  • Soft closing/non slam seat
  • Powerful siphonic flush system
  • Dual flush system (selected models)
  • Removable seat (selected models)

Spare parts and accessories

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Regardless of the model for your EAGO toilet we can supply you with spare parts. This is the best way to protect your investment, make sure, spare parts are available and can be shipped within a reasonable time..


  • Toilet seats
  • Tank filling system
  • Flushing system
  • Toilet seat bolts
  • Flushing buttons / Levers
  • Ceramic tank lid
  • Trap snorkels for 12" rough In
  • Trap snorkels for 10" rough In (select models only)
  • Toilet mounding Kit
  • Toilet tank High pressure hose

Sinks and pedestals

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EAGO ceramic pedestals are stand out with a superior contemporary designs that will add a perfect touch of class to your bathroom with an updated feel that doesn't sacrifice space. Manufactured with nanometer technology to create a super-smooth surface and feature:

  • Superior Glazing
  • Extra thick layer of porcelain
  • Single hole faucet mounting will accommodate most of modern Faucets.
  • Matching sink - leg saddle for easy installation
  • Reinforced wall mounting for extra reliability


Whirlpool tubs

EAGO whirlpool tubs
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EAGO whirlpool tubs are absolutely unique.  Every whirlpool is a peace of art with superior enginering. Any model will complement your  bathroom.

  • High quality acrylic
  • Fiberglass reinforsment
  • Facet, spout, drain and hand held shower factory installed
  • Steel frame with adjustible legs
  • Free standing plumbing included

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To prevent particles from adhering surface of porcelain, easy-cleaning glazing is applied. Making use of nanometer technology, a super-smooth surface is created.

Soft Close/Non Slamming Seat is a grate addition to comfort and durability of all EAGO toilets.
Super powerful flushing system features more than 2" trap way and jet siphonic flushing function.
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