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Eago sanitary ware co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and originated from Jin Jie Co., Ltd. Established in 1995, Jin Jie Co., Ltd has achieved great success as a top professional bathroom products manufacturer. Its products range from steam shower houses, shower cabins, shower enclosures, shower panels to (whirlpool) bathtubs, acrylic/glass wash basins, etc. The company is dedicated to supplying products of high quality at reasonable prices. Now in domestic market, JIN JIE is a well-established brand name in the ring. The great success in domestic market enabled the company to expand to overseas market at the beginning of 2002. Now the company has established close partner relationship with quite a few influential dealers and distributors all around the world.



Since its foundation, EAGO Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd has won a lot of honors and certificates, such as: “Top 10 Ceramic Sanitaryware Company”, “Top 10 Export Company”, “Top 10 Sanitary Ware Company” , “China’s Most Growth Enterprise Company”, “China’s Top 100 Kitchen & Bathroom Company”, selected in, “10 Best Sanitary Ware Brands 2007”, “Designers’ Favorite Construction Material Brand”, approved by “China Water-Saving Product” certificate, “Selected Product in Sample Project of National Healthy Residence”, UPC, CUPC, TUV-CE, ISO9001-2000, CE of EU, Nigeria Certificate, etc.

Keeping growing healthily, stably and rapidly, EAGO steps into a large-scale, high-end market of international high standards of sanitary ware. In 1990s, the average annual growth speed reached 100%, and it’s keeping at 50% or above since the new century. There are more than 200 network service centre of EAGO in the world, Products and sales network cover the whole Europe, America, Africa, Oceania and Asia, more than 50 countries and districts, and 100 cooperation clients, 350 sales outlets and branches.



EAGO will continue to uphold high-effective, healthy, environmental protection and scientific concept of development in the near future, and constantly improve the core competitiveness, create a trational global operations management, and dedicated in searching in-depth field of sanitary ware products. EAGO is determined to become “The Best Suppliers and Service Providers of Sanitary Ware Product in the World” in the foreseeable future, and supply best bathroom solution for all people around the world.


To prevent particles from adhering surface of porcelain, easy-cleaning glazing is applied. Making use of nanometer technology, a super-smooth surface is created.

Soft Close/Non Slamming Seat is a grate addition to comfort and durability of all EAGO toilets.
Super powerful flushing system features more than 2" trap way and jet siphonic flushing function.
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